Associate Rector
Fr. Michael Ralph is the Associate Rector of St. Paul’s Church. He also serves with Canon Dave at St. Philip’s in Circleville as Associate Rector. In addition, he serves as diocesan missioner to Southeastern Ohio, coordinating activities at 15 different churches in the southeastern part of the state.
Fr. Michael was born and raised in papermill town in upstate New York. He is married to Aimee, a Hospice bereavement coordinator. He is also father to Patrick, his 17-year-old son and Katherine, his 14-year-old daughter. When not engaged in working at the church, he greatly enjoys spending time with his family and their two dogs.
Fr. Michael is an avid reader and enjoys playing electric guitar loudly and badly. He is always up for a cup of coffee and conversation so feel free to visit him when he is at St. Paul’s on Tuesdays. He looks forward to meeting St. Paul’s parishioners and beginning to develop relationships in Chillicothe.
Canon David Getreu is currently appointed as the Rector of St. Paul’s. He is easy going and wants the parish to be a happy, joyous place for all people to grow in their faith lives with God. He believes that church and our faith lives should be focused on Jesus Christ and not on an individual person or clergy.
Canon Dave is married to Paula. They live in the rectory at St. Philip’s Church in Circleville. In addition to being our rector he has been since July 2014 and continues to be the rector of St. Philip’s Church in Circleville. Canon Dave is on the Bishop’s executive staff in the Diocese. He serves as the Canon for Finance and Budget of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. He represents the Bishop in financial matters. In this role, he oversees the budget and finances for all 9 companies of the diocese. He has oversight of all audits, mission share, parochial reports and anything that has to do with parish finances. He sits on the diocesan council, commission on congregational life, budget, finance, and mission share committees, along with ECM, Church Foundation and Church Trustees. He oversees a lot of the grant process in the diocese. He is a trained financial advisor managing money for individuals, small businesses and institutions. He holds his series 7, 31, 63 & 65 licenses. He is also a licensed insurance agent in life, health and annuities. He retired from his financial practice in 2016. He is also interested in historic preservation and restoration. He also loves Scotland and might wear his kilt one day to church. It has to be a cold day because that wool is hot under his liturgical garments. He is also a lover of Crossfit and is a Crossfit coach which is why you might see the initials “CF-L1” after his name to keep people guessing.
Canon Dave is very excited to be the rector of St. Paul’s. He wants to grow the parish and make it prominent in the community of Chillicothe once again.