Every Sunday at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, two ushers warmly welcome each person as he enters the sanctuary and offer a copy of the service bulletin.  Our dedicated ushers for the year 2016 have been as follows:

First Sunday:          Lynn Albright and Janelle Thompson

Second Sunday:     Trudy Hunter and Donna Nickerson (Chairman)

Third Sunday:        Jay Melrose and Sheilah Gray

Fourth Sunday:     Patsy and Don Pollock

Fifth Sunday:         Kathie Boggs and Kathleen Gay

Alternates:              Judy and Richard Johnson


The responsibilities of the ushers include arriving thirty minutes prior to the service verifying that offering plates are at the altar and bread and wine are in the narthex.  Ushers welcome each person as he arrives, distribute bulletins, collect the offering, provide a count for the clergy on the number of people attending the service and direct the congregation to the altar for Holy Eucharist.  Following the service, they tidy the pews, straighten the kneeling benches, making certain doors are locked and lights are out.  Also, it is the duty of the ushers to count and record the offertory loose cash on the correct forms and passing it along to the office for our records.  These are just a few of their many duties.

Membership of the guild is open and welcomed.  If interested in joining this ministry, please contact Donna Nickerson.